What is Sellers First?

Sellers First provides a choice of listing options and realtor commission plans to successfully sell your home. Sellers First provides homeowners greater control to manage home selling costs plus an incentive for realtors to meet the sales expectations set or it costs less to sell a home.

Why pay traditional realtor commissions?

Standard Realtor fees can be as high as 6% of the total sales price. Sellers First plans can be as low as 4%, leaving more money in your pocket. For example this 2% difference would mean an additional $10,000 for a $500,000 home.

Sellers finally have an opportunity to select a listing option that fits their needs and manage costs with Realtor accountability.

ARTISAN LAKESPromotional Listing Options

Homeowner Choices, Realtor Accountability

FULL SVC LISTING PACKAGE (3.75%) Max. Commission

  • 1.5% Listing Broker Commission
  • .25% Listing Agent Performance Incentive

ENHANCED LISTING PACKAGE (4.75%) Max. Commission

  • 1.75% Listing Broker Commission
  • .50% Listing Agent/Broker Performance Incentive

PREMIUM LISTING PACKAGE (5.75%) Max. Commission

  • 2.25% Listing Broker Commission
  • .75% Listing Agent/Broker Performance Incentive

*We bring the buyer; you pay a maximum of 3.5% total sales commission.

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